:About Qazvin City


Having a rich ancient valuable history in scientific, cultural, historical and art domains, and being located on the way towards the ancient Silk Road, Qazvin has always been considered as an important province of Iran and having encrusted now to emerge as a beautiful and modern metropolis, is currently a tourism attraction for Iranian and foreign citizens who are attracted to the city’s numerous commercial, touristic and recreational centers.

On the other hand, for introducing a large number of prominent scientists, artists and politicians, the city has always been famous across the country and even internationally.

The Qazvin Bar Association, enjoys participation of about 1000 educated members and lawyers and has 20 years of experience.

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The statistical & detailed information of Qazvin Bar Association:

Name: Qazvin Bar Association


Founded in: 2002

Number of Members: 1014 (893 Attorney – 121 Trainee)

Jurisprudences Covered by Bar Association:

Qazvin , Abyek, Takestan, Booeinzahra, Alborz, Mohammadieh, Shal, Esfarvarin, East Alamout, West Alamout, Kouhin, Avaj, Abgarm, Zia Abad, Danesfehan, Khorramdasht, Ardagh, Bashariat

:Administrative Affairs


The association works under the supervision of an administrative board that includes 7 members selected by election. 5 serve as main members and 2 are alternatives. So far, the bar association’s administrative board has had 6 electoral terms with the following

Other affiliated units that perform tasks as defined by the regulations, in order to serve attorneys at law and other social classes:


Disciplinary court, judicial assistance department, planning council,  commission, Research & Education Committee, Office for Inquiring Religious Opinions, Refining Office, International Relations Department, Office for Human Rights and Citizens’ Right Education, Women’s Office, Office for Environmental & Urban Rights, Protection Office, Trainees & Attorneys’ Protection Office, Child Protection Office, Prisoners’ Protection Office, Public Relations, Information Office, Publications, Parliament Affairs Office, Welfare Office, Loan Department, Civil Affairs & Development Office, Sports Office, Culture & Art Department

Membership Process & Member’s Promotion:


According to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, individuals with BA in law can practice as an attorney provided that they successfully pass the entrance exam held each year, to be admitted to the attorneyship training course and then they can register as trainee to attend the 18-month course of training under the supervision of an attorney, and perform the tasks defined by the Training & Information Commission. Completing the course, provided that the commission recognizes them as eligible, they have to sit for another exam including oral and written tests on several subjects. Their success in the exam makes them eligible to obtain their work permit as an attorney, at an attestation ceremony.

To fulfill its legal tasks and to crystalize the prospected goals, the association holds different congresses, research & scientific seminars on the following subjects:

  • Tenant & landlord relations law
  • Unconstructed Building Transfer Law
  • Urban land & pertinent regulations
  • New revision of criminal procedures
  • and More




  • Attorneys’ poetic night
  • Attorneys’ Football Cup
  • Attorneys’ Travel & Scientific Tours
  • Athletic competitions (Volleyball, tennis, etc.) for attorneys
  • Scientific & Professional Visits
  • And More


Considering the significance of the independence principal and the role this principal plays in enabling attorneys and the bar association to walk towards justice, and to commemorate the attorney’s day introduced first by Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh, on 26/02/1953, This bar association, annually holds a magnificent ceremony on this day.

The association makes constant effort to enhance the level of social awareness and make them familiar with legal issues and tend to provide services to low income families, with the purpose of promoting both the sublime culture of justice and the attorneys’ status. To accomplish this goal, the association is eager to cooperate with and assist all interested individuals and institutes.

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